Los Angeles Metro App

Working with Morgan West, Marianne Wellman

We want to streamline and personalize public transportation in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. We strive to attract more users, and optimize the experience for those who already ride daily.

User research

We went to Union Station to study the habits of commuters in Los Angeles’ public transit systems. Metro users use the transit system to connect them to their destination. The majority of passengers are destination-oriented; they have a plan before they even step foot into a station. Most passengers also carry cell phones and spend a large amount of their time on metro on their phones.

Analyzing Results

Who uses the Metro?

We found that Metro’s average users are daily-commuters, tourists, and transients.

Using Union Station as a focal point we broke down the taxonomy of Los Angeles’ transit system. Putting each part of the taxonomy on to flash cards I conducted card sorting exercises with several people. These people were LA residents and frequent to moderate users of LA Metro. The results really showed how the large Metro system can be overwhelming to users and how users are really unaware of alot of the services that are provided by Metro.


We went through an ideation process that lead to three main features




information Architecture

My Role

This project is currently in the prototyping stage. I am responsible for everything that has to do with the Payment feature.

Pain Point

Metro’s current fare system places too many inconveniences for the user.

Information Architecture for Payment Feature.

Digital Tap

The Transfer Access Pass card program is a good solution but not perfect. It relies on passengers to remember to bring their TAP cards and deal with a kiosk machine at the station. All causing unnecessary wastes of time that can cause a user to miss a train. The solution is a digital tap card where the users always has access to the Metro using their phone.

Online Reload

  • Reloads Digital and Physical Tap Cards
  • Enables Personalized tracking features
  • Helps keeps users prepared for their trips on Metro

Non-Metro Transfers

  • Syncs with Apple Wallet
  • Integrates all terrestrial forms of transportation that connect with LA and LA's Metro transit system.