Apple Music Discover Bubbles

This project is still in it's early stages

Opportunity Space

Apple music’s legacy system; Itunes, has caused it’s interface packed full of information. The Idea is to minify ‘News ’ and ‘Connect ’ in one feature to make room on the main navigation for the this music exploration feature.


Apple music’s personalizing feature lets users choose from a cluster of options that alter as the user inputs their preferences. The goal of this project is to build that experience into a radio feature that personalizes itself to the users prefrences and current mood.

Visual Inspiration

The diameters of the circles will depend on the numbers of plays a song has. Circles will 'pop' after a user likes or dislikes a song, adjusting the visible options to the prefrences of the user.

Next steps

Create prototype and test with users

Develop personas

Refine micro-interactions

Refine design to follow Apple's Human Interface Guidlines

Prototype using Apple Music Api