With an endless amount of optical frames people seeking glasses can feel overwhelmed with the amount of products available. That, along with the process of inputting one’s prescription information can make shopping for eyewear a long and tedious experience. The design intent is to streamline the eyewear shopping experience by simplifying these two crucial factors as much as possible.

persona 1


One time shopper with needs

27 years old | Software Developer

  • Has worn glasses the majority of his life
  • Is very protective of his glasses and can hold on to a pair for years
  • Hates having to shop for glasses
  • When he shops he looks for a specific style and makes sure to get the most durable materials

User Story

Derek broke his glasses

Use Case: Derek needs to replaces the glasses he’s had for years. He is looking for a pair that are similar to the style he has just broke

User Journey: Derek searches for frames that remind him of his old pair.

persona 2


Seeks cheap chic

18 year old | Sales Associater

  • Loses glasses often
  • Tries to limit her use of glasses, uses them most frequently when she is driving
  • When shopping she usually seeks cheap but stylish frames
  • Her favorite style are oversized frames
  • Her favorite pair of glasses are prescription sunglasses with oversized frames

User Story

Laura is going to a pool party

Use Case: Laura is going to her first Vegas pool party. She wants Oversized shades that will look cute with her swimsuit. The sunlight also hurts her eyes when she has been drinking.

User Journey: Laura searches specifically for Oversized sunglasses.

persona 3


Looking for variety frequently

32 year old | Regional Bank Manager

  • Likes to have several pairs of glasses with different styles to choose from.
  • Often shops for non-name brand glasses
  • Considers glasses to be an essential part of her outfits

User Story

Maria wants to try transitional Sunglasses

Use Case: Maria is curious about transitional Sunglasses and wants to get a pair herself. She is worried that style may come off as weird so she is extra cautious before purchasing.

User Journey: She searches through different design before deciding one to try transitional lenses on.

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