Delta Airlines

Online ticket purchase experience

Delta’s current website can be overwhelming for users. It has a lot of filters all condensed into a series of screens. The goal of this project was to still have those features but to organize them in a manner that is more relavant to specific users that would actually use them. Considering this was the process of booking a flight I also wanted to break down the experience of inputting information so the user does not feel overwhelmed with forms.


These personas reflect Delta’s Diverse clients

Maria Estrada

74 Years old


  • Does not fly often.
  • Looks for cheapest tickets
  • Doesn’t mind the time of the flight

Regina George

18 years old

High School student

  • Does not fly often.
  • Has to fly with window seats
  • Hates red-eyes flights

Jordan Belfort

34 Years old


  • Frequent flyer with Sky-Miles account
  • Only flys business or first class
  • Doesn’t mind the time of the flight

Information Architecture

I began by breaking down the taxonomy of the website as a whole. Delta is a huge company and their website reflects that. I knew it would be impossible to design for all possible use cases after seeing the number of screens this site had. I focused on the flight booking processes since I assume that is the most important role this site plays for the company. The Information architecture also breaks down how I plan on changing the design by seperating the process into seperate pages.

Low-fidelity wireframes

I wanted to incorporate the design of plane tickets because of their unique shape that is universal in the airline industry. In order to break the process up into segments I seperated each into it’s individual pages. The pages would slide across as the user progresses but as the slide they stop at a point where the previous page’s left edge is still visible. This allows the user to understand where they are in the process as allow them to know where exactly to go if they need to change anything.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final Aesthetic Solution

User Flow

Maria needs to buy tickets to New York. This trip is last minute so she needs to save as much as money as she can which includes booking a cheap flight.


Maria fills out the Cities she’s flying to and from


She then selects the dates she wants to fly


She looks for and selects the cheapest outbound flight


She looks for and selects the cheapest return flight


She fills out her personal information


fills out her card information


She reviews the summary and confirms her order


A success screen appears to show the end of the process


Prototyped using Html, php, CSS, Jquery, and Bootstrap